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CRR started a new project in Athens since February 2021. We saw a movement of the refugee problems from the islands to the mainland and Athens. Because of the fact that, when a refugee can continue their journey from the islands, they often end up in or around Athens. 

European law says that the asylium procedure must be arranged by the country of entrance. This causes a disproportionate pressure on Greece. After big incidents like the fire, in September 2020 there are some initiatives to accomodate bigger groups of refugees direclty in other EU states. However this are exemptions.


At the moment there are ten thousands of peope in and around Athens. This can be in small camps, but also on the streets because there is no social backup system to accomodate them. Volunteers and CRR employees are hearing more and more heartbreaking stories from people who transferred from the islands to Athens. But they don't know were to go to and they don't have acces to help in procedure support, food, clothes and accomodation.

What are we doing in Athens? CRR is starting a big logistic aid project. Based on our experience of aid transport the last years and our growing network in and around Athens, we support smaller projects, NGO's and camps with aid goods. This can be hygiene products, clothes, shoes, blackets, sleeping bags and also food items. Efficiently working with other NGO's we support in where we can.

For this project we have our own warehouse on a strategic spot outside the centre of Athens. In this warehouse we can receive all goods and we can prepare specific logistic projects, like food packages.

Long term positions for volunteers on this project will become available after the start-up phase. We are also exporing the possibilities to involve locals in this projects to improve the stability.


Geplande reizen:



5 augustus t/m 19 augustus (vol)

2 september t/m 16 september

11 november t/m 25 november

19 december t/m 2 januari

Longterm vacature Athene:

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