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Aid transports

In the crowded camps, there is a structural shortage of almost everything. CRR therefore sends aid transports to the refugee camps every month. Clothing and hygiene products are collected all over the Netherlands via a network of collection points and sorted, packed and labeled in the CRR storage in Nieuw-Lekkerland. In this way the relief supplies can be distributed immediately upon arrival of the aid transport. CRR works closely with local foundations and organizations in Greece to ensure that the right goods are sent to and distributed in the camps.

Below you will find a lot of information about collecting relief supplies and aid transports. Do you want to help us as a volunteer in the Netherlands? Then join CRR doet! CRR doet! are the indispensable hands and feet of Christian Refugee Relief. Within this group we regularly share practical jobs that need to be done. Together we can do so much! So please send an email to so that we can add you to the whatsapp group CRR doet!

CRR Warehouse

The CRR warehouse is situated in Nieuw-Lekkerland. All aid transports are organized form this warehouse.


This includes:
- Collecting goods and purchase of goods
- Sorting of collected goods
- Packaging of goods into ready-to-use packages
- Preaparing and loading aid transports

What do we collect?
For more information read the document ‘inzamelgids hulpgoederen’ below

-    All sorts of clothes (except size XXL)
-    Hygiene products: diapers, sanitary pads, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, razor blades, baby wipes and combs.
-    Other items: sleeping bags, pitchers, large bath towels, new underwear, new socks, paracetamol and Sudocrem.

There is a structural need for financial funding for the bulk purchase of clothes, hygiene products and other relief supplies. For example: In every aid transport we send 3.000 pieces per hygiene item! CRR has broad purchasing channels and maintains good contacts with its suppliers. This enables us to purchase large quantities for the best prices.

How can you help?
- Start collecting clothing and hygiene items in your home town!
- Do you want to help out in our warehouse?  Please sign up for the CRR doet! whatsapp group.

Circular collecting!
Not all clothing items are distributed in refugee camps. A collection guide has been drawn up in close consultation with our local partners, including goods that we collect and transport to the camps after sorting. Clothes we do not  have use for are kept separate and passed on to partner organizations that use the goods for aid transports, to for example Eastern Europe.

Deliver relief supplies
Did you collect clothes or other relief supplies? You can bring them to the CRR warehouse every Saturday morning from 9:00 – 12:00 o’clock. If you want to come at another time, please send an email to


Warehouse CRR
Veenweideweg 19C
2957LD Nieuw-Lekkerland
The Netherlands

The refugees in the Greek refugee camps can really use your support! We invite you to become a collection point and start collecting relief supplies in your network! If you want to become a collection point, it is important that you read the collection guide below carefully. Please let us know if you want to become a collection point. We can support you in many ways and will add your address to the collection point overview.


You can also start up a local campaign of collecting diapers, sleeping bags of hygene items. We created a flyer to help you in communication. You will find it below, put your personal details on it and get started right away. We would also like you to inform us of these promotions. This so we know who collects which products and so  we can support you in the right way.

CRR inzamelpunten

Collection points:

Click here for all active collection addresses in the Netherlands.


Download the brochure ‘inzamelgids’ or the CRR brochure ‘Helping Hands’ below:



Download hieronder de 'Inzamelgids Hulpgoederen' en de 'Informatiegids van CRR'.

Targeted Action Posters:

Download a targeted fundraising poster below:

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Persoonlijke verzorging thumbnail.png
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