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In 2021 CRR will extend its mission activities to the island of Chios. We will inform you about this on this site and via social media.

Chios is located just off the Turkish coast between the islands of Samos and Lesbos. The island has an area of ​​325 square miles, the sixth largest Greek island, and has about 50,000 inhabitants. Many live in the south of the island and are engaged in the production of mastic. This material comes from the special mastic trees that are only found in a few places in the world.


On the island you will find many monuments and historical places and despite all Chios has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. Chios has beautiful beaches, beautiful nature and cozy villages that give the impression that time has stood still.


The camp Vail, which is located at Chios, accomodates around 3000 refugees who just make the transit from Turkey over sea to Europe. On Chios we work with Offene Arme e.V./Cerst. This organisation offers help to the refugees. It's not allowed to support directy in the camp, therefore the help is offered via a ''free shop'' outside the camp. Free aid goods like hygiene items, blackets and toys can be handed out. Besides the ''free shop'' Offene Arme e.V./Cerst. organise help to refugees in various ways. CRR is planning regularly aid transports and, when possible, volunteers.

Planned missions to Chios:

Planned trips:

New missions to Chios are in the preperation phase, no planning known yet. Are you interested in new missions to Chios? Please make yourself known by sending a message to Peter Kooiman via

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