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Lesvos is is a very popular island, visited by many tourists, both Greek and non-Greek. The capital of Lesbos is Mytilini, a traditional city where ancient customs are well preserved. Lesvos is a popular holiday island with a lot of charm. It is the third largest island in Greece, after Crete and Evia, with its surface of 629 square miles. Lesbos is located at the height of the Sporades, north of the island of Chios, about three hundred kilometers from Piraeus (the port city near Athens) and very close to the Turkish coast. The two large bays give the island its exceptional shape. The length of the island is 70 kilometers, its width is 45 kilometers and it has a circumference of 320 kilometers.

Lesvos has a lot to offer even to the most demanding tourist: a rich history, traditional houses and buildings, picturesque villages, interesting monuments, beautiful churches and monasteries, valuable museums, other places of interest and very good hotels and apartments. The nature and landscape on Lesvos are really beautiful and very varied: green landscapes, barren mountain landscapes, pine forests, oak forests, mountains and hills with green plains and green valleys here and there, amazing bays, forests with plane trees, extensive olive groves, hot springs, protected nature reserves and biotopes.


Camp Moria

A large number of refugees from the Middle East and Africa live on Lesvos. They stay in a refugee camp on Lesvos for months. They wait until their asylum application is processed. The wait is long and their situation is horrible.


As a volunteer you work in a refugee camp, with volunteers from all over the world. Men, women and children reside in this refugee camp. The women and children stay in a protected area of ​​the camp. During the work you meet refugees and you talk to them. You hear their impressive story.


Life vest graveyard

During your stay on Lesbos we will visit the impressive life jackets cemetery.  The life jackets of the boat refugees lie here.

Planned missions to Lesvos:

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January 4 to January 25

January 18 to February 8

February 1 to February 22

February 15 to March 8

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