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Safe place for women

In the autumn of 2019, we were confronted with the vulnerability of women traveling alone with children. There are currently about 1000 women traveling alone plus the children in and around the camp. These women should be given a safe place within the Moria camp. Within Moria camp there are secured sections where there are places for the shelter for women. Currently, sections C, D and E have room for about 650 women. The camp management is doing its utmost for this, but unfortunately there are no solutions to increase this capacity.


The Safe place for women project has been started to help out.


The project:
The goal is to create more places where single women and children can stay within camp Moria. With this project, about 150 to 200 extra safe places are created. In early February 2020, a construction group traveled to Lesbos to carry out this project within camp Moria.

Budget for the project:

This project is budgeted at around € 35,000. The budget includes: Leveling the ground, pallets to build the floor at height, wooden base plates, construction materials, windows and ventilation material and bunk beds. Meanwhile the project has successfully been completed.

At the bottom of this page you will find the construction drawing of this project.

Project management:
The pivot in this project is Rien de Jong. Rien has been associated with CRR for a long time and is the pivot in the large projects concerning improving the living environment of the refugees in the camps. Listen here to Rien's interview in the program 'Spijkers met koppen' on NPO Radio 2.


This project is being carried out together with our partners Watershed Foundation and EuroRelief. All necessary materials were purchased locally so that we support the local Greek economy, which also suffers from this refugee crisis.

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