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Preparation ISO boxes for winter

Some of the people in camp Moria stay in ISO boxes. ISO boxes are a type of living container in which three to four compartments are made with blankets to accommodate various families. A large part, if not all, of the ISO boxes in Camp Moria are leaking. This creates a draft and water gets into the ISO boxes. This is not the way we want it!



We want to prepare the ISO boxes for winter. In total, about 120 ISO boxes will be provided with a new roof. This project is supervised from the Netherlands by Rien de Jong, in November 2019 Rien helped to carry out the work with a construction group from the Netherlands.


Project budget:
This project was realized within budget (€ 35,000). All materials were sourced locally to also support the Greek local economy.



This project is carried out together with our partners EuroRelief and Watershed Foundation

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