Preparation Isoboxes for winter

Some of the people in camp Moria stay in Isoboxes. Isoboxes are a type of living container in which three to four compartments are made with blankets to accommodate various families. A large part, if not all, of the isoboxes in Camp Moria are leaking. This creates a draft, water gets into the isoboxes. This is not the way we want it!



We want to prepare the Isoboxes for winter. In total, about 120 isoboxes will be provided with a new roof. This project is supervised from the Netherlands by Rien de Jong, in November 2019 Rien helped carry out the work with a construction group from the Netherlands.


Project budget:
This project was realized within budget (€ 35,000). All materials were sourced locally to also support the Greek local economy.



This project is carried out together with our partners EuroRelief and Watershed Foundation


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