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Organizing volunteer group trips (mission) is one of the most important activities of CRR. You travel with a group led by a group leader to a refugee camp where your help is urgently needed. Your participation in a volunteer trip is not only a blessing for the people who receive the help, it will also enrich your life.


There is only one condition to participate: CRR applies the age limit of at least 18 years old. There are no conditions for diplomas, experience in humanitarian aid or a medical background. We believe and see that everyone can contribute in their own way in the relief we offer. Handing out food, drinks or clothes, building tents, entertaining children, having a conversation, playing games or just being there. You contribute and gives hope to people in an almost hopeless situation.


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Stichting Christian Refugeerelief heeft de ANBI-status toegewezen gekregen. Rekeningnummer: NL74 RABO 0306633183  t.n.v. Christian Refugee Relief