Refugee Relief

The ‘refugee problem’ seems to big and complicated to solve. More then once governments and political parties will strand in political joust. “But what CAN we do for them?” Christian Refugee Relief Foundation (CRR) provides practical answers to this question.

In these ways you help us:


Join a group trip



Collect or send reilief supplies

Organize a benefit

Whoever takes care of the poor,

lend to the Lord.

He will repay him for his bounty.

Proverbs 19:17


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Veenweideweg 19C
2957 LD Nieuw-Lekkerland

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Stichting Christian Refugeerelief has been granted ANBI status. Account number: NL74 RABO 0306633183  i.n.o.. Christian Refugee Relief

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Stichting Christian Refugeerelief heeft de ANBI-status toegewezen gekregen. Rekeningnummer: NL74 RABO 0306633183  t.n.v. Christian Refugee Relief